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University and the cost of living

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The cost of living in the UK has been rising steadily in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on students nationwide. Even though Plymouth is ranked as one of the cheapest student cities to live in, we know this is also the case for our students. We want to help you find out what support is available to you not just financially, but through building your budgeting skills, savvy shopping, and the offers and discounts that are available to you as a Marjon student.

The links below will take you to a variety of information and guides we've put together to help you, and below that you'll find details of all the support we currently offer to our students.

If there's anything you need more help with, we'll do everything we can. 

Contact our student support team

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Financial help from us

We offer financial help to eligible students through different bursaries. Learn more about what's available.

Student funding advice

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Financial help from others

You might be able to access grants and funding from some government agencies.

Student finance explained

A student in a councelling session

Support with mental health

Money problems can really weigh on your mind, so it's important not to suffer in silence. Find out about the support you can access to help.

Student Support

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Living on-campus

Find out what to expect if you live on-campus, from the costs to the facilities available.


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Living off-campus

If you've decided to live off-campus, you'll want to read our in-depth guide to finding the best place for you.

Living off-campus

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Budgeting can be an essential skill, not just during your studies but whenever you need to make your money go further.


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Budget student travel

Travel can be one of the most significant costs, especially if you live off-campus. Find out all the ways you can save.

Student travel on a budget

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What are the shopping options for buying clothing on a budget, and how close to campus are they?

Student wardrobe on a budget


Finding a job

You might want to work to expand your income, or just to build your experience. We've got a list of employers near to campus who might be looking for new workers.

Finding a job while you study

What support does Marjon offer its students?

Below you can find out all the cost of living support that we're currently able to offer you. 

Marjon Provides – Community larder

The larder is open to all staff and students who may be struggling. There is a section with meal bags, containing ingredients and recipes needed for 2-4 portions with recipes from the Jack Monroe ‘Tin can cook’ cookbook. The larder also has a spares shelf for items not used in meal bags.

Marjon Provides – Community wardrobe

The wardrobe has smart work clothing and shoes for students to wear to interviews and placements. 

Marjon Provides – Free table

The table is a place where people can leave and take helpful things they simply don’t need anymore. From cutlery to board games to stationery.

Marjon Provides – Tea and toast

Every morning, chaplains Michelle and Claire offer tea and toast to students. If you’re short of a bit to eat or need something to start your day right, join them in the Snug. 

Free sanitary products

We were the first university to offer free sanitary products in all campus toilets, preventing students from struggling with period poverty.

Wellness Pass

The Marjon Sports Federation Wellness Pass enables you to use sport facilities at set times, access activities, and participate in social events, all of which are good for your mental health and wellbeing. The pass costs just £20 for a year – that works out to just 38p a week!

Placement travel funding

Sometimes you might attend a placement that is a little further away. Marjon can support these extended travel costs, contact the Student Funding Team if you need help funding travel to a placement.

Bursaries for care experienced or estranged students

Those who are care experienced or estranged from their families can apply for a bursary and all-year-round accommodation. See our information for care leavers to find out more.

Disability assessment subsidy

Marjon will help to pay the costs of disability assessments to reduce the financial impact of getting a diagnosis.

Going Places Bursary

This bursary could help fund you on your journey of personal development, from an online course to experiences abroad. We see value in opportunities to help you to develop life-long skills in leadership, problem-solving and language skills that will enhance your employability and professional skills. We want to invest in you, so you can reach your full potential, and enable you to go places.

to find out more!

Low cost accommodation

Marjon has some of the lowest accommodation costs in the South West, and we do all we can to keep these prices down. All your bills are included, so you won’t be caught out by any surprise costs.

No library fines

In 2020, we cancelled all library fines for overdue books. You won’t get fined unless you fail to return a book when asked.

Quality student jobs

We offer a huge range of jobs to students; all are well-paid and have flexible hours to fit around your study or family.

Funding advice

Our Student Advisors deliver budgeting workshops and can give you advice for any financial support you could be eligible for.

Free careers advice

Whilst at Marjon and after, you can access our Futures Team. They can offer career advice, help you find part or full-time jobs, and help you plan for your long-term career.

What to do if you need help

If you’d like to access any of these support options, speak to your Personal Development Tutor or the Student Wellbeing and Support team.