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Apprenticeships are an exciting route into higher education because they allow you to earn while you learn through hands-on training from expert professionals as well as gaining valuable practical experience in the workplace.

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Apprenticeships are available at different levels. Here at Marjon, we offer Higher Level Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships.  

Higher Level Apprenticeships are Level 4 or 5 qualifications which are typically Foundation Degrees.  

Degree Apprenticeships are those at Level 6 and 7 which are equivalent to a Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.  

How apprenticeships work

On an apprenticeship you are an employee with a contract of employment of a minimum of 30 hours per week. You will study for at least 20% of your working hours and by the end of an apprenticeship, you’ll have the right skills, knowledge and qualification needed for your chosen career.  

You will be supported through the course by a mentor in your workplace and a dedicated course tutor, alongside the Marjon subject team.  

Apprenticeships are funded from contributions made by the government and your employer. This means you will not have any student loans or tuition fees, but you must fulfil the requirements of your employment contract as well as completing the work for the course.   

You can learn more about how apprenticeships are funded on our dedicated page.

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Benefits of apprenticeships in Higher Education

Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to earn money while you qualify and are attractive because you don’t have to pay tuition fees.

Additional bursaries are also available to those with caring duties, or who are care leavers.

Apprenticeships can be an excellent choice if you are starting out on a career and if you want to enhance promotion opportunities in a workplace which you are already established in.  

For people who are leaving school or college and know the area of work they would like to train in apprenticeships can be ideal as you can start work in that profession straight away. They’re also a great choice for those who have been working for some years and have commitments which would make it difficult to stop earning to achieve a necessary qualification or gain a degree.  
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Our apprenticeship courses

BA Youth Work Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

Our Integrated Youth Work Apprenticeship, delivered through off-the-job training one day per week and drawing on your work-based learning, enables you to become a catalyst for change.

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Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship

Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeships are available for prospective primary and secondary school teachers in England. They combine study with practical on-the-job training and a salary. 

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Higher Level Apprenticeship Assistant Practitioner

Delivered in our state-of-the-art simulation suite, you will learn from multi-professionals with vast academic experience in teaching and research.

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Higher Level Apprenticeship Nursing Associate

Become a knowledgeable and skilled member of the nursing team, supporting registered nurses to provide high-quality, safe, person-centred care. 

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