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Research & Knowledge Exchange events

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The Research & Knowledge Exchange Office coordinates a variety of research events throughout the year. Details of upcoming events can be found within this page and wider university events are also listed here. Please contact research@marjon.ac.uk if you would like further information.

Brown Bag Series

Our monthly Brown Bag series is an informal presentation forum delivered online.  Staff & PGR students are invited to present their research and gain feedback.  Our Research Groups will also present themed sessions:

27 Jan - No theme

28 Feb - no theme

25 April - Context, Agency, Place and Education (CAPE) 

27 May - Lifelong Health & Wellbeing (LLHW)


If you would like to present at a Brown Bag session, please contact research@marjon.ac.uk 

Outlook invites for upcoming Brown Bag sessions will be circulated to staff, PGR & MRes students.

Research Masterclass: The What, Why, and How of Autoethnography

8 June 2022


Mark Leather, Abigail Gurr, Alison Milner, Jonathan Harvey, Natalie Raven and Kass Gibson, Ƶ 

T​​​his event will have presentations from the above on 'The value of personal experience as a research tool' and a panel discussion on 'Countering the Challenges, Critique and Criticism of Autoethnography'.

Open to all staff and PGR students.

Register to receive event invitation.

Researcher Developer Series: Infographics

20 June 2022


Alister McCormick and Melodie Benson (Year 2, BSc (Hons) Psychotherapy and Counselling student)

It’s important for researchers to share their findings with specialist academics (e.g., through journal articles and conferences) as well as non-specialists in the general public who may benefit from the research findings (in Alister’s case, ‘real-life runners’).

This Researcher Developer Series event will introduce some of the literature and guidance on sharing research with the public through the likes of webpages, workshops, blogs, and social media. The event will then focus on creating infographics (using Canva.com), which can be used to support communication in journal articles, presentations, webpages, blogs, and social media such as Twitter.

Open to all staff and PGR students.

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Researcher Developer Series: Qualitative Techniques

21 June 2022

13:30-15:30, on-line

Dr Jason Scott, Associate Professor, Northumbria University and Dr Steph Scott, Lecturer in Public Health and Qualitative Methods, Newcastle University

This session will cover both qualitative theory and practical tips for conducting various types of qualitative research with different groups of people (eg patients, clinicians, members of the public), including semi-structured interviews, focus groups, diary entries, and using documentary data.

Open to all staff and PGR students.

to receive calendar invitation confirming the event details.

Researcher Developer Series: Powerful Posters

28 June 2022


Dr Jamie Gallagher, Engagement Trainer and Consultant

In this workshop, Jamie will take you through all you need to know to design and share an award-winning poster. Discover tips and tricks to put your work in the spotlight useful not only for posters but talks, public engagement and much more.

Open to all staff and PGR students.

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Researcher Developer Series: Research-informed Teaching and Sustainability

29 June 2022


Jennie Winter and Debby Cotton, Ƶ

The first part of the session will involve an overview of the different ways in which research and teaching can be linked and offer some case study examples from different disciplines to discuss. The second half of the session will offer participants an opportunity to plan a teaching innovation based on research.

Open to all staff and PGR students.

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Researcher Developer Series: Creative & Productive Thesis Writing

11 May 2022


Dr Helen Kara, Independent researcher, writer, teacher and speaker

Whether you are doing a scholarly PhD or a professional doctorate, you effectively need to write the equivalent of a book. Learning the necessary skills is essential but challenging. This course will combine practical information and advice on the craft of writing, creative writing techniques, and 'shut up and write' sessions to clarify, improve, and accelerate your doctoral writing process. It will teach you how to become an effective and productive writer.

Open to PGR students and staff.

Register to receive event invitation.

Researcher Developer Series: Publishing - Hints and Tips

28 April 2022

11:00-12:00, on-line

Steve Gunard, User Education Librarian, & Dr Jon Ord, Assoc Prof Institute of Education

Session content:

  • questions to consider helping you decide where to publish
  • how to spot predatory journals
  • lessons from the peer review process

An ideal session for PGR students & Early Career Researchers.  All staff welcome.

Register to receive event invitation.

Researcher Developer Series: Statistics Workshops, online

Dr Joanne Hosking, Senior Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School

Thu 10 Feb: Introduction to quantitative methods and study design

  • Overview of study designs
  • How to formulate a research question and identify appropriate study design
  • Data collection – types of data, form design, data checking and cleaning
  • Sample size considerations

Thu 3 Mar: Statistical methods (1)

  • Descriptive statistics – appropriate summary statistic and plots using SPSS
  • Introduction to p-values and confidence intervals

Thu 7 Apr: Statistical methods (2)

Choosing a statistical test and interpreting results

  • Association between variables – correlation and simple linear regression
  • Comparing groups - t-tests and ANOVA

The workshops will be interactive and a mix of both theory and practical application using SPSS.

Open to PGR students and all staff. Register to receive event invitation.

Academy Lecture Series: Response and responsibility: the role of universities in a more sustainable future

1 April 2022


on campus, E206

Prof Zoe Robinson, Professor of Sustainability in Higher Education, Keele University

Academy Lecture Series with Visiting Professor Zoe Robinson.

Open to all staff, students and the public

Academy Lecture Series: Marjon Masterclass - Exploring Professional Learning in Education

16 March 2022

10:00 - 17:00


The Marjon Academy Lecture Series Event in association with CAPE (Context Agency Place and Education) Research and Knowledge Exchange Group.

Masterclass with Ƶ Uni Visiting Professors in Education. Once registered you will be welcome to attend the sessions of your choice. 

Full details and to register attendance visit 

Themes - relevant to school, college and university educators

Coaching in education, Early Career Researcher journey, Whole School Professional Learning, Writing for Academic Journals, Trustworthiness of data in educational research.

Speakers: Visiting Professors in Education at Ƶ and Member of Context Agency Place and Education Research and Knowledge Exchange Group (CAPE):

Professor , University of East London

, CUREE (Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education)

Professor , Durham University

Professor , Bath Spa University

Professor , Leeds Beckett University

Open to all staff, students and public



Creative Pedagogies for Sustainability and Citizenship

9 March 2022


on campus, E206

Organised by the SCION and CAPE RKE Groups (Prof Debby Cotton & Prof Tanya Ovenden-Hope)

This event aims to bring together academics and practitioners with an interest in citizenship, creativity and sustainability, to explore ways of teaching and learning about these topics which allows students and teachers to consider their own perspectives and those of others and to commit to taking active steps to improve their planet. The event will be discursive and interactive, involving practical engagement with a range of pedagogic tools which open new conceptual spaces for learning. It will include lunchtime activities and posters related to creativity, sustainability and citizenship.

 to receive event invitation.

Inaugural Lectures

Ƶ is home to a fantastic professorial community. Find out more about past and upcoming inaugural lectures.

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