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Members at a clubs and societies fair

Here is a list of our current societies and presidents. If you think there’s something missing, check out our sports clubspage as it may be there. Get in touch with us and we can help you set up your very own club.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with LWilliams@marjon.ac.uk and I can help you set up your very own society

BEd Primary Society

Contact is Teejay Downton: Email 20098740@marjon.ac.uk

Blackball pool

Contact: 20142388@marjon.ac.uk

MSU Marjon Choir logo


Contact Kirsten Dolton: 


MSU Marjon Christian Union logo

Christian Union

Inactive at this present time.

Environmental Society

We're an environmentally minded group of students and staff, who aim to get outdoors and make improvements to Marjon's campus. 

We do litter picks and work closely alongside Marjon Sustainability to help with campus clearing activities, as well as with the hedgehog friendly initiative. We also promote eco-friendly and sustainable ways of living on campus, for example liaising with Marjon Sustainability and Estates teams to make suggestions about improvements we think could be made to the campus.

We are also hoping to be able to do some beach cleans in the future, when the logistics can be worked out. As well as this, we hope to look into organising talks at the university from external groups if we can. Suggestions are welcome.

Currently we are staying online only due to COVID-19, but we are hoping to use our social media pages to share environmental information, ideas, and photos from our members’ own socially distanced environmental activities.

The society is open to all students and members of staff at Marjon University. You can find us on social media here:




Contact golder.e@pgr.marjon.ac.uk

Feminist Society

This society is currently inactive. To adopt this society please contact LWilliams@marjon.ac.uk

Games Night

Games Night society is a group of students who meet on a Friday night at 7 in the Octagon (Snug) to play games such as Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Twister, Nerf Guns and more! It's a great alternative if you don't want to go out drinking or fancy a night in!

For more information please contact Charlotte 20201060@marjon.ac.uk

MSU Giving Voice logo

Giving voice

Giving Voice is a society aimed at creating awareness for communication difficulties, as well as other related causes. This society is for anyone who would like to create social change in an impactful and relevant way, both around uni and in our wider community. We also aim to foster an open and supportive social environment, bridging the gap between different courses and year groups. There is no strict time commitment - members can attend as much or as little as they like, just come along when you can!


Instagram: @marjongv

This society is currently inactive. To adopt this society please contact LWilliams@marjon.ac.uk



Contact: Ania 20103409@marjon.ac.uk


Mature Student Society

Contact: Amber 20201072@marjon.ac.uk

We encourage you to join the  to find other mature students.  

Scouts (SSAGO)

This society is currently inactive. To adopt this society please contact LWilliams@marjon.ac.uk


MSU Snowsports Society logo

Marjon Sun and Snow

Contact: Owen 20210852@marjon.ac.uk

Marjon Mountaineering Society Logo

Mountaineering Society

MMS (Marjon Mountaineering Society) is a society of like-minded people with an interest in climbing, hill walking and/or hiking. The group has a mixed range of abilities and skills from beginners to the more experienced. 
To keep up to date with what we are up to check out our Instagram page @MarjonMountaineering and to get in touch email us at marjonmountaineering@hotmail.com

The Workshop

The Workshop is a society that looks at presenting and producing radio shows for Plymouth’s Student Radio Station.


Contact : Dylan: 20104544@marjon.ac.uk

Uni Boob

Hi Marjon! We are super excited to be representing and supporting Coppafeel! this academic year! We will be educating you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, so you have the ability to check your breasts/pecs regularly. Our aim is to take control of breast cancer and help you to feel empowered through the understanding of your own body. Breast cancer can affect anyone despite of gender and age, so everyone is welcome! We don't have a regular meeting time; however, we have many plans including fundraisers, competitions, social events (cocktail nights!!!) and much to get involved in! If you want to support the Coppafeel! Alongside us, understand your body or even just want to meet some new people, then follow our socials to keep an eye out for our events! We can't wait to see you soon! Lets stop breast cancer together.

For more information follow our Instagram @ubtmarjon

Facebook @Marjon UBT

email Morgan Baitup 20099568@marjon.ac.uk

Strength Society

Hi, we are Marjon Strength Society - a place for anyone interested in gym training and fitness. We are a group of people from various venues of training, from high-level powerlifting, CrossFit and weightlifting to people who enjoy just going to the gym and training for their enjoyment. Thanks to the more experienced members we can offer a lot of advice and support but also a safe environment to challenge yourself and have some fun. Our sessions run in the strength and conditioning lab where we have access to high level sport specific equipment for you to use.

To keep up to date with sessions and society news, or to ask any more questions, follow our Instagram: @margin_strength_society

This society is currently inactive. To adopt this society please contact LWilliams@marjon.ac.uk

Marjon Mullet Society

Contact: Jamie 20210513@marjon.ac.uk

SLT Support Society

Contact: Ella 20210770@marjon.ac.uk

Marjon Makaton Society

ontact: Holly 20207758@marjon.ac.uk