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Student and elderly patient perform a stretching exercise with resistance bands
Friendly fitness trainer smiles at camera
Trainer talks to a patient who is using an exercise bike

Health and wellbeing for life, for all

At Marjon, we believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Whilst many people are living with long-term conditions, in a cycle of medication and GP and hospital visits and often in isolation, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our clinics are set up in the belief that education, self-reflection and social support can improve quality of life. We work with individuals, helping them to manage their condition through community-based, sustainable education and support programmes. Our approach is to encourage lifelong health and wellbeing through human connections in groups and a focus on the people, rather than a disease or condition.

Our goal is to help advance the future of community-based medicine, and we’re proud to work closely with our students and the friends and partners of Marjon Health and Wellbeing to do so.

Our vision is one of health and wellbeing for life, for all. We research and evidence the impact our approach has on individual lives, and on local healthcare services. We listen to the people and organisations we work with to find out what works, establishing new healthcare education where it is most needed.


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Saul: Marjon Health and Wellbeing is all about helping people to help themselves as best as they possibly can, so they can live as fulfilled lives as they can. We help them walk, become more active, to eat more healthily, to manage the stresses and include relaxation techniques in a social setting, in a comfortable, friendly environment. We think having a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is the right approach. And we've got now, over a decades worth of people that have been to Marjon Health and Wellbeing and had really successful outcomes for a sustained period, way beyond when they've left us.

Marita: I'm really pleased to say that they've given me ways to manage my pain here. I have now had different perception on activities that I can do. Whereas once I was afraid to do it, because thinking I would get into that pain and couldn't do anything. So the mindset now, has changed to allow me to try a bit more, try a bit harder, which was really good. They are so hands on, they're there for you. Any questions you have, about your condition or any injuries and they help you that way. We can identify with each other about what our conditions are and how we manage our pain. Because I think sometimes, the doctors don't understand the pain you're in. And it's lovely to come and talk to people and find out what useful things they do, so that we can share that together. But it's really been a good six weeks, in depth course with the professionals there to guide you every step of the way.

Saul: We actually draw on the latest cutting edge research in health and wellbeing and what's going on in the sector. But also we're generating research activity. Because we're an educational establishment, our students support the work that we do here, and as academics and contributors and deliverers. So we both support and draw from the research, which is a really exciting place to be. We work with a range of different partner organizations, both locally, regionally, and now further afield. And they're integral to the work that we're doing and we support them and they support us, in giving the best patient experience possible.

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Our clinics help you to understand diet, exercise, and relaxation strategies, providing you the tools to improve your quality of life.

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Info for GPs and healthcare providers

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