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MSU strategy and governance

Marjon Students' Union works towards a long term strategic plan which was developed in consultation with the students we represent. 

To ensure transparency all of our policies are online. We also work in compliance with 1994 Education Act and Charity Commissions regulations.

MSU Constitution, Minutes, By-Laws and Policies

MSU Constitution, Minutes, By-Laws and Policies can all be found here and downloaded.

Click on the link below.


MSU Constitution, Minutes, By-laws and Policies

Guided by our trustees

Our students said that they would like to see a strong, vigorous and well-resourced students' union that is transparent, accountable and effective.

We invest time and effort in seeking out well-qualified and competent trustees who understand how higher education works, and who are committed to student welfare. 

We train, develop and actively engage with the trustee board and ensure that they are well informed and appropriately trained to fulfil their governance obligations to the MSU membership.


Meet the MSU trustees

Smooth succession

We ensure that the successive sabbatical teams, core staff and our governors have an understanding of the higher education landscape and the conditions that impact Marjon. This encompasses the University strategic objectives, infrastructure, team, and how this continuously evolving landscape impacts our organisational welfare and delivery.

Our students said that long term sustainability of the Students' Union was important to them. We respond by committing to ensure our governance, sabbatical, management and executive processes and personnel are informed, up-to-date and vigilant.


Prepared to change

We commit to engaging in appropriate conferences, training events, meetings and other opportunities to hone our organisational competence and learning knowledge culture which will benefit our students and enhance our strategic delivery. We will stay informed on the changing needs of our student body by embedding research into our culture and maintaining data on student demographics, student welfare needs and the finer nuances of student voice issues.


Supporting Student Reps

Student Reps are a critical part of how Marjon continuously improves the student experience. They are elected at the start of the academic year to represent their course mates. Reps are elected for each course, and for each year, and they gain support from other reps both within the same course and across other courses.

They represent students formally through Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and the Student Experience Council (SEC). They attend SSLCs for their programmes, as well as attending SEC as often as possible. Within SSLCs an issue relating to the course can be raised. If this is unable to be resolved at an SSLC or needs further action at a University-wide level, it is then taken by the Student Reps to be raised at SEC.

Student Reps gain skills in influencing and achieving goals, as well as listening to others and representing on behalf of them. They are trained to be proactive in asking their course mates for anything they want raised at an SSLC or SEC, and all students are encouraged to approach their Student Rep with any issues. In the Student Union we support, train and encourage good repping, and act as a sounding board when reps need us. Find out more .