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Support for resident students

Students in a village kitchen

Student Life Officers

The Student Life Officers are your direct liaison with support staff at Marjon, and are on hand to assist with all aspects of student welfare.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Providing out of hours emergency support alongside the Resident Student Assistants (RSAs) and Campus Security.
  • Working closely with Student Support & Wellbeing on wellbeing issues, such as living arrangements, homesickness and mental and emotional health.
  • Maintaining good resident conduct.
  • Organising events to enhance the student experience and raise awareness of issues that affect students.
  • Mentoring the RSAs and ensuring accountability.

Any questions? Matt, Rachel or Katie can be contacted at the email addresses below:

Resident Student Assistants (RSA)

The Resident Student Assistants (RSAs) are on hand to assist with resident student wellbeing, and to help create a positive learning and living environment at Marjon. Being current students, they fully understand the concerns of resident students, and are happy to help.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Inducting new students and welcoming them to resident student life.
  • Advising residents on a variety of student living matters
  • Safeguard on-campus students and respond to incidents if and when they occur.
  • Promote responsible behaviour on campus.


How to get in touch

Urgent matters can be reported by dialing 2222 from any campus landline, or 01752 636700 ext. 2222 from a mobile or external landline.

Non-urgent matters, such as non-emergency maintenance issues can be reported using the . 

Campus Security Assistants

We have 24/7 Security Staff. They are based at the Hub and will respond to incidents or emergencies.

Show video transcript

Sophie: Hi, I'm Sophie.

Matt: And I'm Matt. And we're your Resident Life Coordinators, here on campus.

Sophie: Based on our student support we're a really good starting point if you have any questions or concerns regarding just about anything.

Matt: If you take just one thing from this video, let it be this, we're here to support you. This may be concern about a flatmate. It may be you need help finding a society.

Sophie: There are no silly questions. And everything that you say will be handled, non judgmentally and in confidence. I've been at Marjon since 2014. I've lived in halls, I've lived in the village and now I'm doing a master's here as well as this job.

Matt: I graduated from Bournemouth university in 2014. And I'm studying to be a counsellor part-time.

Sophie: Throughout the year we'll be doing social events and would love your input.

Matt: These will be subsidized by the university to both on and off the campus. So please get involved and be creative.

Sophie: Keep an eye out for emails, social media, and posts on the community app. To contact us directly about anything big or small, then use our emails.

Matt: We look forward to seeing you around campus.

Sophie: See you soon.


Matt: ... here on campus ...

Sophie: [Laughs] Being a student on campus and everything ... I've forgotten it again. Throughout the year we'll be putting on ... I sound like the Queen. Throughout the year ... What a year it's been for Marjon.