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Student Funding Advice

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Our financial support is always impartial, and always delivered in complete confidence. We’re on hand to help with any issues you’re having and we’ll treat your enquiry with the utmost respect and total confidence.

It’s never too late to ask for advice about money issues. Please let us know if we can help or if you would like a private meeting to discuss financial issues which are impacting your application or studies.

Student Finance

You may be able to borrow money to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with living costs.

Please see our student finance explained page or postgraduate funding page to understand the loans that are available.

If you study part-time at a "course intensity" of 25% or more could get a part-time loan from Student Finance England.

If you have any issues with applying for your student finance or want to check that you are receiving all that you are entitled to please contact studentfunding@marjon.ac.uk for help and advice.

University Hardship Fund

If you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply to the University Hardship Fund.

If you have children, are a mature student with existing financial commitments, are from a low-income family, were previously in care, are homeless or have other financial difficulties you may be eligible for an award from the fund.

All applications will be means tested and payments will usually be made in instalments. Students can apply to the fund once they are fully registered at the University.

For further details or to request a copy of the University Hardship Fund application form please email: studentfunding@marjon.ac.uk.

Postgraduate and PhD funding

Students on eligible Masters courses can apply for a non-means tested Postgraduate Loan of up to £12,167 (figure for academic year 2023-24). Applications usually open around June for the following academic year.

Postgraduate Doctoral Loans (PDL) for students undertaking a full postgraduate Doctoral course such as a PhD are available and students could be eligible for up to £28,673

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If you are in of receipt benefits you must inform your benefits provider/s of your upcoming change in circumstances prior to starting at university and provide them with your finalised Student Finance entitlement summary. This details what funding you will be in receipt of and enables them to reassess your benefit entitlements.

Make sure that the Student Finance entitlement letter that you provide includes the DWP disregard statement.

Further information regarding Universal Credits and students is available . For details regarding other benefits please visit the following websites:  ,  ,

If you need any further guidance with this or think you have been assessed incorrectly please contact the Student Funding Adviser in Student Support on studentfunding@marjon.ac.uk.


Disabled Students’ Allowances

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) provide help towards the additional costs a student may face as a result of their disability, including a mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty.

Eligible students may be entitled to DSAs of up to £26,291 (2023-24 figures) which is not a monetary award but goes towards any specialist support & equipment you may need to assist with your studies.

If you have any questions regarding the DSA process or the support available at Marjon please contact disability@marjon.ac.uk.

Managing your debt

When you’re a student, building up debt is often an inevitability, but it should always be manageable.

It’s important to make informed decisions and keep your finances under control while you study so that you’re not distracted from your studies.

If you’re worried about debt while you’re studying,  offers invaluable advice to students about managing their money. Plus their Debt Remedy service can help you get things back on track if you feel like debt is taking over. 

We can offer further support or advice regarding debts(including help setting up a manageable budget plan and signposting to relevant debt support organisations, for help contact studentfunding@marjon.ac.uk.

To help you manage your money check out our blog posts about budgeting as a student:

Financial support for childcare

Quite often, people decide to go to university once they’ve already had children, but the financial hurdles can make it seem impossible. We don’t want this to stop you. We have plenty of recommendations for great childcare providers, including the superb nursery which is based on campus in a purpose-built building. There are tonnes of other childcare options within Plymouth, visit the or sites to find out more. 

We know that childcare can get expensive so, providing you qualify for financial assistance, we may be able to help. You could be eligible for the, the (to help with books, material and travel), the University Hardship Fund (if you’re having financial difficulties), and . If you have any questions about balancing childcare with your studies, we’re on hand to help. 

Alumni Postgraduate study discount

If you'd like to continue your studies with us, we offer a 20% discount to Marjon alumni when they join a postgraduate programme.

Please note this discount does not apply to PGCE or to progression to MPhil or PhD.

Sport Performance Scholarship

Our Sport Performance Scholarship is a source of financial help and performance support for elite athletes. It is paid directly into your bank account and does not have to be repaid.

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Care Leaver and Estranged Student Bursaries

Bursaries are available for students who are care leavers or who are estranged from their family and who are aged under 25 on the 1st September on the first year of their course. See our info for care leavers and estranged students.

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Funding for PGCE & unsalaried School Direct

Students on PGCE and unsalaried School Direct courses can apply for funding to help with tuition fees and living costs.

The type of funding is the same as undergraduate funding and any previous study during your undergraduate course is not taken into account regarding eligibility. For example if you had an interruption or restart year during your undergraduate course with additional funding you would still be eligible for funding for a eligible teacher training course.

You may also be eligible for a teacher training bursary dependant on entry grades and subject taught. More information on teacher training bursaries can be found on the website. You do not need to apply for this bursary as it is an automatic process administered by our Admissions department on application to the university.

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Financial support for placements

Assistance may also be provided to students on work based placement to support travel and subsistence costs. Support is available to all years and is assessed according to greatest need.

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