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How we comply with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

Ƶ has proactively considered and responded to the advice issued by the Competition and Markets Authority, to the Higher Education sector, in relation to the nature of the agreement made between the University and the student prior to the acceptance of any offer made by the University.

1. The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and University Senate, representing the key areas of both Academic and Professional Services, regularly reviews the University’s approach with a focus upon taking forward compliance with consumer protection legislation, and student representation.  Policies and Regulations.

2. The University’s Terms and Conditions and Admissions Policy for acceptance of a place on a programme of study have been revised and updated and are reviewed annually via the University’s Senate, inclusive of student representation.

3. Material information for programmes of study has been developed and made available to candidates prior to applying for a place on a programme of study. Information on additional costs incurred by students on programmes of study will be made available to students and applicants and will be included within the University’s material information for each course of study.

4. The University ensures that academic penalties are not levied for non-academic debt.

5. The University’s Student Regulations Framework has been reviewed to be as clear and concise as possible, reflecting the University’s commitment to plain English in public communication. This is supplemented by a user-friendly, easily searchable, interface to the regulations and other provisions governing the student experience, accompanied by information about related sources of information advice and guidance.


6. Admissions and Recruitment teams regularly liaise, in advance of Open Days and other recruitment activities, in order to ensure that consistent and appropriate messaging is provided to potential applicants.

7. Admissions and Recruitment Panels have discussed the , Guild HE and SPA consumer protection advice, recognising correct procedures for discontinuing programmes of study, including seeing programmes through to completion, where required, and good practice in the involvement of students in curriculum change.

8. A communications plan has been developed to ensure that colleagues across the University, whatever their role will, in addition to being able to take advantage of online information/guidance and appreciate our collective responsibilities under consumer protection legislation, be empowered to seek clarification and execute their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

9. CMA advice remains on the agenda for colleagues working in the areas of teaching and learning, admissions and recruitment/marketing, as well as at the most senior levels of the University.

10. The University annually reviews its complaints framework with a strong emphasis being placed upon protecting the consumer rights of the students.